TeamViewer Investor Relations

Free float 74.78%

Total shares 186,515,856

This section will contain the shareholder structure of TeamViewer AG.

1Based on the last voting rights notification prior to the cancellation of own shares.

As of October 21, 2022

Effective June 13, 2022, the company has cancelled 14,555,075 own shares. The new total number of outstanding shares amounts to 186,515,856 shares.

Notes to the shareholder structure

The shareholder structure chart shows all voting rights reaching or exceeding 3.00 percent of TeamViewer AG’s current share capital, as currently notified by shareholders pursuant to sections 33, 34 German Securities Trading Act (WpHG). Voting rights held directly or through a subsidiary are taken into account. Financial instruments pursuant to section 38 WpHG or aggregated shareholdings and instruments pursuant to section 39 WpHG are not included. The chart also shows the Company’s holding of own shares (treasury shares). As of September 26, these are 9,538,600 shares, representing 5.11% of the share capital. The Company is not entitled to any rights, in particular voting rights, from the treasury shares held (Section 71b AktG).

The underlying voting rights notifications, as well as voting rights notifications by the shareholders regarding financial instruments pursuant to section 38 WpHG and disclosures of aggregated positions pursuant to section 39 WpHG are published under Voting Rights Notificiations.

Please note that the number of voting rights last notified could have changed within the respective thresholds without triggering an obligation to notify TeamViewer AG.

The information on free float is defined by Deutsche Börse AG.

Shares held by the members of the management board
(as of November 22, 2022)

Oliver Steil (CEO): 2,500,000 shares
Michael Wilkens (CFO): 73,300 shares
Peter Turner (CCO): 50,321 shares

This represents 1.41% of total shares.

Further information on managers’ transactions can be found under Managers' Transactions.