TeamViewer Investor Relations

Our corporate governance stands for responsible and transparent corporate management and supervision directed towards sustainable, long-term value creation. This includes our values, guidelines and corporate principles as well as internal and external control and monitoring mechanisms. The Management Board and Supervisory Board place great value on good corporate governance to continuously foster the confidence in TeamViewer by our investors, customers and other business partners, employees and the general public.


Declaration on Corporate Governance including Corporate Governance Report

The declaration on corporate governance pursuant to section 289f of the German Commercial Code including the Corporate Governance Report of TeamViewer SE is available below:

Declaration of Compliance pursuant to the German Stock Corporation Act, Section 161

As required by the German Stock Corporation Act, section 161, TeamViewer SE publishs a declaration every year that reports in detail on the implementation of the recommendations in the German Corporate Governance Code:

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association of TeamViewer SE of 13 December 2023 are available below:

Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of TeamViewer SE has issued the following rules of procedure for itself on the basis of the resolution of 1 December 2022 pursuant to § 12 (1) of the Company’s articles of association.