TeamViewer Investor Relations

Our corporate governance stands for responsible and transparent corporate management and supervision directed towards sustainable, long-term value creation. This includes our values, guidelines and corporate principles as well as internal and external control and monitoring mechanisms. The Management Board and Supervisory Board place great value on good corporate governance to continuously foster the confidence in TeamViewer by our investors, customers and other business partners, employees and the general public.


Declaration on Corporate Governance including Corporate Governance Report

The declaration on corporate governance pursuant to section 289f of the German Commercial Code including the Corporate Governance Report of TeamViewer AG is available below:

Declaration of Compliance pursuant to the German Stock Corporation Act, Section 161

As required by the German Stock Corporation Act, section 161, TeamViewer AG publishs a declaration every year that reports in detail on the implementation of the recommendations in the German Corporate Governance Code:

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association of TeamViewer AG of September 03, 2019 of TeamViewer AG are available below:

Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of TeamViewer AG has issued the following rules of procedure for itself on the basis of the resolution of 19. August 2019 pursuant to § 11(1) of the Company’s articles of association:

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct serves as a roadmap to guide us and enable us to make good judgements. It outlines the requirements we commit to in our daily business, so we can deliver the high standards expected from us:

Supplier and Business Partner Code of Conduct

TeamViewer takes compliance with globally applicable standards very seriously and expects its suppliers and other business partners (e.g. contractors, consultants, sales partners) to commit to the same high standards of ethical business conduct, as defined in this Supplier and Business Partner Code of Conduct.

Respect for human rights

TeamViewer respects international standards protecting Human Rights and is committed to their observance within its scope of influence. The TeamViewer Code of Conduct reflects the material provisions of the

Strict attention is paid to ensure that internationally legitimate trade sanctions against countries, companies or individuals who disrespect human rights are observed and that business relationships with such persons and companies are ruled out.


Further Policies to strengthen TeamViewer’s ethical business practices

  • Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy
    At TeamViewer, any form of corruption is prohibited. This applies to all business purposes such as initiating or maintaining business relations
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy
    TeamViewer is committed to assisting in the fight against money laundering and ban any forms of terrorist financing
  • Antitrust and Fair Competition Policy
    Business and competition should always be for the benefit of the consumer. TeamViewer commits to competing vigorously but fairly, by following all applicable competition and antitrust laws. We expect our competitors to do the same
  • Trade Controls and Sanctions Policy
    As a company operating globally, TeamViewer is subject and commits to a wide range of different laws and standards, including economic sanctions and export control laws (Trade Controls)

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