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Virtual Annual General Meeting 2020


TeamViewer AG’s annual general meeting took place on Friday, May 29, 2020, at 11:00 am, at the Company’s headquarters of TeamViewer AG, Jahnstraße 30, 73037 Göppingen, as a virtual general meeting without the physical presence of shareholders and their proxies.

A recording of the virtual annual general meeting up to the end of the report by the CEO, Oliver Steil, and the CFO, Stefan Gaiser, is available at the following link:




Voting Results:

  • Voting Results – Annual General Meeting 2020


Speech of the Executive Board:

  • Speech and slides of the executive board (English translation)


Notice and Agenda:

  • Notice to the Annual General Meeting 2020 and Agenda
  • Information on agenda item 1 pursuant to section 124a sentence 1 no. 2 of the German Stock Corporation Act
  • Information pursuant to section 124a sentence 1 no. 4 of the German Stock Corporation Act on the total number of shares and voting rights at the time of convening

  • Annual Report 2019 including the consolidated financial statements, the combined management report including takeover-related information, and the report of the supervisory board - in each case for the fiscal year 2019.
  • Annual Financial Statements 2019 of TeamViewer AG (German)
  • Information on Shareholders‘ Rights
  • Articles of Association (dated: September 3, 2019)
  • Privacy Information for Attendees


Information How To Vote:

  • Instructions for the Annual General Meeting 2020


Addendum to the Agenda:


There were no disclosable requests by shareholders.



Countermotions and Election Proposals:


There were no disclosable countermotions and/or election proposals by shareholders.